The Path to Pātaka – PART 1

“Get a van, son.”

“Get a van.
Fill it with cleaning supplies.
Then you can be your own boss.”

These sage words
I remember
spoken to me as a passive-aggressive offering of hope
concealing my mother’s dismay
in hearing my decision…

…to go to art school…

These words have reverberated in my thoughts
ever since that first day
at the turn of the millennium
when I packed my bags
and headed off on my adventure…

…into the world of art…

This “back-up plan”
as it were
for when art inevitably failed me
or I failed at it
has never come to fruition.

As it is
fifteen years later
I now find need for a van and cleaning supplies
Not as a career path
but rather to run around and clean up…

…after my four messy, art-loving children…

Reuben Friend

Director, Pataka Art + Museum

Reuben Friend photo by Claire Giblin


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