Matariki 2018 – Te Korekore
June 24 2018, 2pm
Main Gallery, Pātaka


Puoro Taiwhanga Aotearoa (CMNZ) present a Matariki inspired tour that showcase elements of chamber music, Māori music and storytelling, performed in unique settings outside of the traditional music performance space. This project will be presented during the festival of Matariki (June/July, 2018).

This is to be a family-friendly, cross-cultural event where audience members of all ages and ethnicities will feel welcome and included, as they enjoy the music and storytelling that has shaped Aotearoa.

Te Korekore is a one-hour, multi-disciplinary and multi-genre performance work that weaves a narrative of the traditional story of Tinirau and Kae with video art, story-telling, contemporary NZ chamber music, jazz-based composition and ngā  taonga puoro.

The theme of Te Korekore is from Rev. Māori Marsden’s understanding of the creation story and explores the realm of not – nothingness. The place of potential being and where creation gestates. The place between nothing and something. Between being and non – being. The story of Tinirau and Kae is found in many parts of Aotearoa and is associated with Te Whare Tapere, the place where traditional Māori entertainment would occur, especially during the Matariki season.

The performance will include several significant works by New Zealand composers for flute and taonga puoro including:

Te Hau o Tawhirimatea by Philip Brownlee
Hineraukatauri by Gillian Whitehead

Alistair Fraser (kaiwhakatangitangi a ngā taonga puoro)
Bridget Douglas (flute)
Phil Boniface (double bass)
Ed Davis (videographer)
Rangimoana Taylor (Narrator/Storyteller/Kaikōrero Paki)

For additional information on the performers click here: 2018 Matariki CMNZ_Te Korekore Brief


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