Suzanne Tamaki & David Roil: Fashionista REVOLUTION – THE NATIVES ARE REVOLTING!
17 August – 9 September 2018
Toi Gallery, Pātaka

The world is a conglomerate of cheap mass-produced clothing and online shops determined to recruit fashion victims. Aotearoa is generating chain store clones, Kardashian wannabes and Instagram duck faces.

Wellington fashion provocateurs, Suzanne Tamaki and David Roil are rebelling against mainstream fashion with upcycled, recycled, hand-stitched, crafted fashion that marches from the streets on to the catwalk. Their garments contain stories of oppression and rebellion. Ripped flags, patches and military-wear signify Tuhoe terrorism alongside corporate pirates and Victorianesque gowns fabricated from bed clothes. Anti-fashion attire for the brave.

Enlist today. Join the fashion revolution!  Show your solidarity with a sequin-gloved fist in the air.



Photography by Elias Rodriguez/Mark Tantrum, at the opening of Pātaka’s 2018 spring season exhibitions opening.


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