Richard Reddaway_TheMiddleAges
19 June – 21 August 2016

The figures in Richard Reddaway’s Family speak to each other in a language of sound and story, inviting the viewer to construct their own interpretations of the relationships between them. Abstract, noisy, and (in some cases) self-illuminating, these resin and wood sculptures appear makeshift and portable, suggesting an endless series of possible configurations – of different family units, and of different ways of assembling and making.

Family draws on Reddaway’s long-standing interest in representing the human figure, as well as a fascination with the work that goes into “artwork”. Originally exhibited at Jonathan Smart Gallery in 2014 as Some Assembly Required, the sculptures are presented here in different groupings, allowing new relationships to emerge between them and in connection with the viewer.

Pataka Openings 19 June, 2016 Pataka Openings 19 June, 2016 Pataka Openings 19 June, 2016 Pataka Openings 19 June, 2016 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_16 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_15 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_18 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_14 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_6 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_20 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_8 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_4 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_3 richard-reddaway-family_pataka_17

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