3 – 12 October, 2017

Programmes are daily 10am – 11.30 and 1 – 2.30pm (same class is repeated in the afternoon)
Cost $10 per class
Ages 5 – 15 year

Bookings can be made at Pātaka reception, telephone 237 1511 or email patakaeducation@pcc.govt.nz to make a booking

Laminated Cool Jewels – Tuesday 3 October
10am – 11.30am
1 – 2.30pm

Create your own cool bling jewellery inspired by Kerry Ann Lee’s cut out sculpture. Make a brooch, bracelet or stylish necklace with shapes that you cut out and laminate and then attach to a chain.

Zine Magic – Wednesday 4 October
10am – 11.30am
1 – 2.30pm

A zine is a cool magazine that you make yourself. Be a part of the first Pātaka school holiday programme Zine edition.  The skills we will be using are collage, drawing, writing and a lot of creativity. You will leave the class with your very own group Zine publication.

Spring Inspired Watercolour Painting – Thursday 5 October
10am – 11.30am
1 – 2.30pm

We love Spring and we love watercolour paints. Draw some leafy shapes and use watercolour to create a cut out inspired watercolour relief picture.

Collage Sculpture – Tuesday 10 October
10am – 11.30am only

This class is inspired by Kerry Ann Lee’s exhibition. Bring along some cutting out skills that will be used to make some crazy collage sculptures.

Image: Kerry Ann Lee,  The many faces of paradise 2017 (installation detail). Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Mark Tantrum.

Beat it, Blast it – Tuesday 10 October (This performance is FREE)
2pm – 3pm in Pātaka’s Performing Arts Studio

Join us for a performance by the loudest musicians in the Wellington Orchestra. In this FREE performance musicians are going to beat and blast their way through the history of music, from cavemen pounding rocks to soldiers tootling fanfares, jazz cats playing the vibes to head-banging along to Nirvana.


Image courtesy of Beat it, Blast it.

Drawing Animals – Wednesday 11 October
10am – 11.30am
1 – 2.30pm

We love the dogs that feature in Abdul Rahman Abdullah’s sculpture in the Dark Horizon’s exhibiton. Let’s look at how to draw lots of different animals in pencil, colour pencil and even some paint.

Image: Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, The dogs 2017. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Mark Tantrum

Boxes and Tins – Thursday 12 October
10am – 11.30am
1 – 2.30pm

The soldiers on the front at Passchendaele during WW1 were sent biscuit tin boxes from home. Make a decoupage box to take home and create a gift pack to send to someone special.




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