“Gigantic UFO light” and “banana boat chair” a hit with Khandallah School pupils

Pataka Education, David Trubridge inspired model making


Pataka Education, David Trubridge inspired model making 2

Hi everyone, I am Esmé one of the educators here at Pataka. Last week we had the wonderful Khandallah School through our doors to learn about and be inspired by the work of David Trubridge. Trubridge’s work allows endless learning possibilities with its links to sculptural practices and 3D art but also problem solving and maths.

We first began in the gallery where we explored Trubriddge’s artwork and found out through a gallery game that his work is heavily influenced by nature. As always children have the best imaginations and there were amazing descriptions of Trubridge’s work flying about. My favourites were ‘banana boat chair’ and ‘gigantic UFO light’.

In the education classroom we investigated how to use 2D materials to create a 3D sculpture. Trubridge’s ‘body raft’ was a huge driving force behind our sculptures. The idea of ‘trapping air’ and having negative space inside the sculpture became our key focus. How the students went about making their sculpture is they first drew their own organic shapes. They then played with the scale of their shape making them larger and smaller and cutting them out of card. With their series of small and large shapes they then punched holes around the edges. Finally, students threaded bamboo cane sticks through their shapes sequentially to create their own sculpture. It was amazing to see student’s problem solving and engineering.

For me as an educator I enjoyed the freedom of this sculpture as there was a lot of room for students to experiment and play, there was no wrong way of making your sculpture! I loved to see when a student missed lining the cane stick with the right hole in their shape, this lead to some of the sculptures having beautiful twists in their form.

From the mouth of our future sculptures about this programme:
‘I’m going to make another one at home’
‘Can I make a second one, it was so much fun!’
‘I don’t want to put mine in the bag to go back to school …I need to carry it, it’s too special’

Posted by Esmé Hatton, Education Officer, PATAKA Art + Museum



Jay Hollows: New Gallery Supervisor at Pataka

I was born in Christchurch, but spent most of my youth in Rotorua. I have also lived in Auckland, the Hawkes Bay, Wellington, and the Kapiti Coast. I have had a varied work life too. Starting as a Baker, Radio Announcer, Copy Writer, Production Engineer, Teacher/Tutor of radio and fine art, I’ve done  hundreds of hours of gallery minding, and installed and deinstalled dozens of exhibitions. All this experience has been all been a lot fun and has given me the skills needed to get me to this great job at Pataka.

What I like most about being involved in New Zealand Public Arts is our art enables people from all walks of life to come together, and share ideas that are important to that community, and it’s actually been the community that attracted me to Pataka and Porirua.  I have always considered greater Wellington to be my true home. I love how all the areas, from Wellington to Porirua, and out to the Kapiti Coast have taken pride in their cities, always putting their best foot forward, presenting themselves as welcoming and unique places to live or visit. I’m certainly looking forward to some motorcycle rides up the coast and over to the Hutt. Plus there is the big south Island ride to do, but I think that will be in the summer.

Someone asked me recently what I’d miss about Auckland …… I have to say, I won’t miss much about the city itself, but I will miss my art school friends, and my wife Emma, who doesn’t come down until December (she is finishing her Phd). So yes, I am here on my own in a nice little flat in Titahi Bay. I thought at first that I might embrace this new found freedom and become a male cliché, that figures, cheese toasties for dinner, and late night action movies, but by the second night I was over that. Thanks goodness I work with all these exciting and dynamic people here at Pataka Gallery; come by and say hi, I’m here Sunday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Posted by Jay Hollows, Gallery Supervisor, PATAKA Art + Museum



Download entry form here: 2014 entry form Arts Award.




opening for web  
Pataka celebrated our new season of exhibitions at the weekend with events, openings and artist’s floortalks.

Hundreds of visitors braved the wintry storm to attend a plethora of events including artists’ demonstrations, a forum, floortalks and poetry recitals, and also a big launch of all six new exhibitions.

Pataka was delighted to host so many of the exhibiting artists including all the Uku Rere artists – Baye Riddell, Wi Taepa, Manos Nathan, Colleen Waata Urlich and Paerau Corneal and also Joseph Michael, John Pule and Rob McLeod.

We were also grateful to our guest speakers including Ngati Toa Kaumatua, Taku Parai, Porirua’s own Mayor, Nick Leggett, Head of Te Puni Kokiri, Michelle Hippolite and Mike Hutchison – CEO of New Image.

We would like to thank everyone who came for their support in turning up on such a rainy day and for making it such a rich and vibrant opening celebration.

The new exhibitions are: Uku Rere  –  Dark Cloud/White Light  –  Titokowaru’s Dilemma  –  Impostors, Angels and Aliens  –  Refugee  –  Sadness Spirit

  Uke Rere artistsTaku


Melanesia Day

Melanesia Day a rip-roaring success

Pataka enjoyed hosting the Melanesian community on Saturday 27 April with a cultural celebration of this unique and vibrant part of the Pacific.

We enjoyed tasting Melanesian kai, sipping kava from Vanuatu, tring to speak Pidjin languages and seeing the many stunning performances including the Asaro Mudmen from Papua New Guinea. What a great day!

Ancey Wamiri from Papua New Guinea said:
“You have really allowed us, Melanesia to share our culture and ourselves with New Zealand, an opportunity that has been the first of its kind I believe. Thank you so much, and I for one, look forward to more events/celebrations like this!”

Thanks to the Melanesian communities for making this a very special and memorable day that was enjoyed by many Pataka visitors.

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