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Nau mai ki te PātakaIn Term 2 Pātaka will be getting a new roof. This means our main galleries will be affected and closed for the first part of Term 2. Don’t panic! Pātaka Education is still operating with our Bottle Creek gallery, permanent programmes and classroom all up and running.

Kick off  your Matariki enquiry with our programme ‘Matariki- The Store House’ and find out why harvesting and planting was important at this time of year or delve into the world of colour and light with Nexus. Visit us at Pātaka for an active thinking experience.

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Esmé and Linda
Pātaka Education team

The Store House
1 May – 6 July 2018

Celebrate Matariki at Pātaka. Matariki, the star cluster, signals the beginning of the Maori new year but did you know it was also very important time for harvesting and planting? In this programme explore Maramataka Māori (the Māori seasonal calendar).  Look at tools made from natural resources that were used for hunting, fishing, gathering and planting crops in preparation for Matariki. See how Māori preserved and stored their food for the long winter months and create your own model storage gourd.

SHANNON NOVAK – The Nexus Series Installations
22 January – 27 June 2018 

Nexus concept artwork courtesy of the artist.

This term the full height windows of Pātaka’s atrium will become a multi-coloured lantern of interconnected geometric forms. This specially designed installation, by New Zealand artist Shannon Novak, floods surprising surfaces with coloured light and shapes. Delight your ears with Shannon Novak’s composed sound to accompany the artwork. Our programme will explore colour theory and the relationship between colour, shape, space and sound. Come along to get experimental with colour and light. A great programme to anchor the fundamentals of using colour before kicking into any art unit at school.

Pre and Post visit ideas
> CREATE a sound and drawing booklet. Play different styles of music e.g. rock ’n’ roll, classical or jazz and while you listen, draw with colour how this sound may look. Compare your drawing to a friend’s. Did you use the same colour? Are the lines or shapes you drew similar?
> FIND OUT all about the science of light. Experiment with prisms or learn how a rainbow is formed.
> MAKE a tessellated pattern. Explore different geometric shapes and see if you can put them together in your own pattern. For inspiration look at the pattern artwork of M.C. Escher. 
what the word ‘synaesthesia’ means and research artists and musicians who have synaesthesia. What do you think of their work?
> CREATE your own stained glass window. Look into the history of stained glass and design your own. Colourful sharpie pens on plastic mylar will give you a great stain glass window effect!
> CREATE a class colour wheel collage. Cut out all the different hues from a magazine, make it big!





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