Evolution Through the Eye of a Jeweller

10 Aug- 9 Sep 2018

The exhibition shows the progress of 10 Jewellers’ interpretation of evolution through hand crafting body adornment using silver, copper, brass and other materials. It is to both stimulate the imagination and show the skills and diversity of jewellery made by Sue Shore, Zoe Lovell-Smith, Jill Alexander, Dawn Pearson, Denise Stewart, Rose David, Hana Makin, Liz Walters, Lesley Watson, Julie Brown.

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Suzanne Tamaki & David Roil: Fashionista REVOLUTION

17 Aug- 9 Sep 2018

The world is a conglomerate of cheap mass-produced clothing and online shops determined to recruit fashion victims. Aotearoa is generating chain store clones, Kardashian wannabes and Instagram duck faces.

Wellington fashion provocateurs, Suzanne Tamaki and David Roil are rebelling against mainstream fashion with upcycled, recycled, hand-stitched, crafted fashion that marches from the streets on to the catwalk. Their garments contain stories of oppression and rebellion. Ripped flags, patches and military-wear signify Tuhoe terrorism alongside corporate pirates and Victorianesque gowns fabricated from bed clothes. Anti-fashion attire for the brave.

Enlist today. Join the fashion revolution! Show your solidarity with a sequin-gloved fist in the air.

Past Exhibitions

Friends of Mana Island 20th anniversary – Celebrating our Volunteers

3 August – 2 September 2018

Friends of Mana Island is a volunteer group formed in 1998 to help restore the island’s biodiversity, in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Ngāti Toa Rangatira.

The predator-free island provides a refuge for many birds, reptiles and insects including takahe, giant weta, kiwi, bellbirds, kakariki, seabirds, lizards and little blue penguins.

An extensive planting programme saw 500,000 trees planted on the island. It is now a very special place to visit on guided trips or working bees run by Friends of Mana Island.

This exhibition celebrates and showcases the work of the volunteers over the past 20 years through photos, videos and a new model of Mana Island.

Past Exhibitions

PUIAKI – Carved Knowledge

27 May – 19 Aug 2018

Waka huia are carved wooden treasure boxes shaped like a waka. Highly prized by Māori, they were used to store huia feathers and other tapu adornments worn by high-born people. During the late 19th and early 20th Centuries many waka huia were taken from New Zealand and traded or sold on the European ‘Curios and Collectables’ market. This exhibition showcased waka huia purchased and traded in England and tell the story of their eventual return to New Zealand.

Past Exhibitions

Owen Mapp: Dragons & Taniwha – 50 Years an Artist Carver

27 May – 19 August 2018

Pātaka’s major retrospective exhibition OWEN MAPP: Dragons & Taniwha – Fifty Years an Artist Carver celebrates Owen’s ground-breaking achievements as the country’s first professional contemporary artist carver of bone and the important influence he has had on the many carvers who have followed him.

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