Rag and Bottle Shop

14 Sep – 14 Oct 2018

Rag and Botte Shop is inspired by French and English porcelain and objects collected over time. Imagine an op shop at the end of the 19th Century in New Zealand. The Rag and Bottle Shop was London’s equivalent and mudlarking along the Thames would have been the next best option. Around this time the Huia were already endangered: the last official sighting was 1907. Many homes would have mounted birds in glass domes in the parlour. High tea was a regular event and the best tea service would come out for guests.

Past Exhibitions

Little Sprouts Charity Art Event

Art Auction 6.30 pm Sat 27th Oct 2018, Exhibition 12 – 28 October 2018

Artists whose works will be for sale at the auction event include Heimler & Proc, Rohan Wealleans, and Micheline Robinson. Plus an artwork created by Jacinda Ardern. Bidding reserves range from $250 to $2,000. During the exhibition you can view all of the pieces that will be auctioned AND you can also explore, and buy, artwork from over 50 other amazing artists from across Wellington.

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14 Sep – 14 Oct 2018

The ‘display’ and ‘jewellery’ at this exhibition are innovatively connected to create a context of the artist intention. The artist has considered two ways of incorporating their displays: PRIVATE or PUBLIC.

The exhibition features works by current and past Handshake participants including: Nik Hanton, Katie Pascoe, Kylie Sinkovich, Kim Whalen, Sharon Fitness, Renee Bevan, Jennifer Laracy, Kristin d’Agostino/Judy Darragh, Vanessa Arthur, Lisa Higgins, Jessica Winchcombe, Karren Dale and Amanda Flood.

Past Exhibitions


7 September – 7 October 2018

The Pātaka Friends Art Awards is an annual exhibition that is made up of entries from artists working or studying in Porirua and produced in the 12 months leading up to the exhibition. Artists working in the areas of photography, ceramics, painting and sculpture have featured strongly in previous years, but all manner of media can be used.

Past Exhibitions

Evolution Through the Eye of a Jeweller

10 Aug- 9 Sep 2018

The exhibition shows the progress of 10 Jewellers’ interpretation of evolution through hand crafting body adornment using silver, copper, brass and other materials. It is to both stimulate the imagination and show the skills and diversity of jewellery made by Sue Shore, Zoe Lovell-Smith, Jill Alexander, Dawn Pearson, Denise Stewart, Rose David, Hana Makin, Liz Walters, Lesley Watson, Julie Brown.

Past Exhibitions