DANIE MELLOR: Pleasure and Vexation – the strata and spectacle of history

27 May – 19 August 2018

Danie Mellor: Pleasure and Vexation – the strata and spectacle of history will be the first major exhibition of works by this award-winning contemporary Australian artist to be shown in New Zealand. Curated by Pātaka Art + Museum, the exhibition will feature over 20 outstanding works, many large in scale, including some loaned from Australian museum and gallery collections.

Past Exhibitions

Hugh Mill & Friends Celestial Wood

29 Jun – 5 Aug 2018

In 2016 Gary Lowe, an English wood-turner, decided to experiment with Jo Sonja’s iridescent paint when decorating a platter. Using a small compressor to blow the paint across the surface instead of using a brush, he created cloud like shapes which he likened to Cosmic Clouds. Hugh Mill and his fellow wood-turners have challenged themselves to embellish an extensive group of pieces using and experimenting with the ‘Cosmic Cloud’ concept; resulting in the exhibition they’ve titled Celestial Wood.

Past Exhibitions

Creative Fibre Wellington: Filaments, fibre and form

29 Jun – 29 Jul 2018

“Filaments, fibre and form” showcases a selection of recent fibre-craft creations from its members including; spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, crochet, dyeing, art yarns and multimedia fibre art. Wool is the predominant fibre used but materials such as alpaca, silk, mohair, flax, cotton, bamboo and man-made materials are also included to create unique works of art.

Past Exhibitions

Hanne Eriksen-Mapp and Anja Eriksen –
Whānau: 2 Generations – 18000km Apart

25 May – 24 June 2018

Hanne Eriksen-Mapp and Anja Eriksen are mother and daughter. Hanne lives in Aotearoa and Anja lives in Denmark. ‘Whānau’ explores the similarities and differences between their work with jewellery and body adornment although separated by such a vast distance.

Past Exhibitions

Taku Mama
26 May – 24 June 2018

Taku Mama exhibits the hard work of Pacific women in our Community. The Tivaivai depicts personal narratives that have been shared and passed down for generations.

Past Exhibitions