TOAST 2016

10 Nov – 11 Dec 2016

TOAST is the annual showcase of multi-disciplinary creative works from students graduating from the Whitireia Bachelor of Applied Arts and Digital design degree. The exhibition will feature the students’ most defining works, portraying a range of spectacular art and design- in the medium of textiles, printmaking, painting, photography, contemporary jewellery and digital design.

Past Exhibitions

Birgit Moffatt and Fiona Christeller: in-visible threads

1 Dec 2017 – 21 Jan 2018

Birgit and Fiona are interested in the invisible threads which link past to present and have investigated these to initate ideas for their art. These include memories and images which connect to place time and people. They present very different work, weaving in-visible threads into textured concrete forms and metal, plastic and fabric based jewellery. Both of them look back to their childhood to claim materials which they contextualise into contemporary work.

Past Exhibitions

Four Women Who Paint

2 Nov – 2 Dec 2018

Four local artists from four different generations come together to showcase their work. Lindsay Blakeley, Alicja Gear, Jill Sutton and Fran Zukowski have formed a friendship and a creative bond through painting. This is their first exhibition together and includes a landscape work by each artist of the Pauatahanui/Mana area – a place that provides them all with inspiration.

Past Exhibitions

Euan Macleod: Painter

2 Sep – 2 Dec 2018

Euan Macleod: Painter is the first major touring exhibition of this artist’s work in Aotearoa New Zealand. Christchurch-born, but resident in Sydney since the early 1980s, Euan Macleod has produced a remarkable and gripping body of work during three decades of a prolific career. His paintings take us on a journey, not only through physical landscapes, but also through states of mind and being.

Many of these paintings are self-portraits. With impassioned applications of oil paint, Macleod depicts himself from many different vantage points: he buries himself in earth and clay; he dissolves into a plume of volcanic smoke; he is consumed by fire; he is drowned and then resuscitated.

Extending the genre of self-portraiture, Macleod is an artist ‘prepared to push the boat out into uncharted waters and dare to take a risk’, as Peter Rose observed in his history of the Archibald Prize, which Macleod won in 1999.

At a time when New Zealand society is thinking about environmental issues, global warming and the politics of water, McLeod’s figure-in-landscape paintings are as relevant as they are vital.

Past Exhibitions

Māreikura: Wāhine beyond Suffrage

2 Sep – 2 Dec 2018

A māreikura is an eminent woman of great standing. This exhibition tells the stories of twelve such wāhine who came from or lived in the Porirua region. From signing the Treaty of Waitangi, adding their name to the Suffrage petition, or helping their community, these women laid a path for those who came after them.

Interwoven with these stories is the work of ten contemporary women artists. These inspiring wāhine use their art to tell the stories that matter to them, to pay homage to those who have led the way, and to remake the world in their image.

Past Exhibitions