TAKU HIKOI, LA’U MALAGA – My footprint, my walk, my journey

21 Jul – 20 Aug 2017

Life is a journey, filled with a number of different paths, routes and destinations. These paths are all experienced on an individual basis to which we each bring our own skills and specialties, hopes and dreams, pace and style. This exhibition of artists/ consumers from the Te Korowai Whariki mental health services of Rangipapa, Purehurehu and Tangaroa and the Rangitahi/youth service, based Porirua, Raiha Street, aims to showcase the achievements and the journey of people who are making art works as part of their recovery journey from mental illness to health and wellbeing. Large scale tape art, ceramics, stylised bird house models, charcoal drawings and masks are just some of the art works you can expect to see.

Past Exhibitions


20 May – 13 August 2017

INFLUX is the eighth Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust exhibition of artworks made by students of Pacific Island heritage who are currently studying art at universities and technical institutes in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Artworks in the exhibition collectively reflect the strong sense of political agency that many students develop during their tertiary studies. Guest curator Ane Tonga states that the exhibition attempts to expand our locally-informed perception of the Pacific, to engage in ways of being and seeing that are much larger than Aotearoa New Zealand.

Past Exhibitions


20 May to 13 Aug 2017

Whakapī employs virtual environments and 3D printing technologies to propose new creative principals and philosophies within Māori art and culture. Taepa uses the analogy of the iro, or maggot, from which the term whakairo (meaning carving or artistry) derives. When Māori observed iro eating the flesh of a carcass, they saw that the maggots would leave a circular patterns on soft-bone tissue. This reductive process became the philosophical basis for Māori carving in pre-colonial times.

Past Exhibitions

BOUNDLESS – printmaking beyond the frame

20 May – 13 Aug 2017

Twenty-two members of the Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, plus three guest artists, have liberated their prints from 2D picture frames and created interdisciplinary sculptures and installations, printing onto unexpected materials such as textiles, metals, ceramics, or glass.

Past Exhibitions

New Zealand Potters – Tableware

9 June – 16 July 2017

The New Zealand Potters National Tableware exhibition will showcase the best of the members’ functional work that is suitable to use on “the table”. The works to be exhibited have been selected by celebrated potter and guest artist, Janet Smith of Cambridge.

Past Exhibitions