Alicja Gear: Essence of this Land

5 Jul – 11 Aug 2019

Working with oils on large un-stretched canvases, local artist Alicja Gear paints abstract landscapes that explore our deep connections with the natural world. She’s interested in the concept of kaitiakitanga (guardianship and protection) as a way of managing the environment, and reminding us of our responsibilities as kaitiaki of the land.

The works in Essence of this Land have been inspired by the nearby Pāuatahanui inlet, providing a framework for Gear to focus on. Her bold use of colour builds on the emotions she feels when interacting with the land, and helps to portray the play of light across the scene. Gear’s large gestural marks also seek to explore the positive emotional response experienced when engaging with something of beauty.

Essence of this Land is Alicja Gear’s first solo show at Pātaka. She’s previously exhibited in the group show Four Women Who Paint and has been involved with the Little Sprouts Charity and the Pātaka Art Awards, winning the Jane Hyde Painting Award, 2018 and the People’s Choice Awards, 2017.

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The Dawn Raids – Educate to Liberate

19 Jul – 18 Aug 2019

The Bottle Creek Gallery at Pātaka is transformed into a Pacific Island family’s lounge from the 1970s. This nostalgic setting forms a backdrop for artworks, memorabilia, photographs and personal accounts of the Dawn Raids.

This was a time when Police and immigration officials entered the homes of Pacific Island people in the early hours of the morning, wanting proof of residency, work permits, and passports. The Polynesian Panthers, a political group that emerged during this time, fought against the unfair treatment, injustice, and oppression of Pacific Islanders and encouraged immigrant families across New Zealand to stand up for their human rights.

This powerful and insightful exhibition seeks to inform and educate about this period in New Zealand’s history and honour the courageous role that the Polynesian Panthers played in the fight for social justice.

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HERE: From Kupe to Cook

11 Aug – 23 Nov 2019

Pātaka marks 250 years since Captain Cook’s arrival in Aotearoa with an exploration of the voyagers who were first to come here—Maori, Polynesian and European navigators.

Taking over four of the main galleries, HERE features works by many of our leading contemporary artists, including Dame Robin White, John Walsh, Greg Semu, Christine Hellyar, Rachael Rakena and Johnson Witehira. Their artworks convey the long and varied histories of South Pacific voyages—from Kupe to Cook. The exhibition title can also be read for Te Reo meaning of ‘a place to bind your waka’.

HERE begins with the epic journey of Polynesian navigator, Kupe, from Hawaiki to Aotearoa. Maungaroa is the punga (anchor stone) discovered in Porirua harbour and thought to be from Kupe’s waka. It’s our earliest taonga and a tangible link to the explorer’s connection to the region.

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