From the Shore

7 April – 21 July 2019

From the Shore considers the influence of Māori filmmakers Barry Barclay and Merata Mita on a current generation of artists, specifically those working with moving image. Barclay and Mita were forerunners in making films by Māori, about Māori, for Māori. Through their work in film, television and writing, Barclay and Mita set out some core concerns of indigenous filmmaking internationally, ranging from control over production through to community-based models of filming and upending technical conventions, such as staged interviews.

From the Shore brings together contemporary works that echo Barclay and Mita’s strategies and philosophies. The exhibition takes its title from Barclay’s metaphor of indigenous cinema as ‘a camera on the shore’ that reverses the direction of the colonial gaze.

Featuring work by Tanu Gago, Robert George, Tracey Moffatt, Nova Paul, Lisa Reihana and Tuafale Tanoa’i, aka Linda T.

Current Exhibitions

SEE WHAT I CAN SEE: Discovering New Zealand Photography

7 April – 29 July 2019

Photographs have plenty to tell us about the world, yet they are often full of mystery and complication. Great photos are alive with hints and echoes and mysteries – and they can change every time you look at them. Nearly all of the images in this exhibition were made by New Zealand photographers of New Zealand subjects, so they have a lot to say about this place and about the people, young and old, who live here. Photographs capture our dreams, imaginings and fears, aspirations and inner lives. This exhibition is a celebration of the things a camera can do, the places it can go and its capacity to record and reinvent the world around us. This exhibition has been curated by Greg Donson, Sarjeant Gallery Curator and Public Programmes Manager, and Gregory O’Brien, Independent Curator and writer of the book See what I can see – New Zealand photography for the young and curious, published by Auckland University Press in 2015.

Current Exhibitions