Diego & Frida whānau events
15 December 2018
Bottle Creek Gallery,
Pātaka Art + Museum


Saturday 15th December
All ages, Free
10am – 2pm

Bottle Creek Gallery, Pātaka

“I paint flowers so they will not die.”― Frida Kahlo

Express yourself creatively and pay tribute to Frida Kahlo by making paper flowers to place on her altar.

Join artist and designer Emma Kitson and learn to make paper flowers.

Instructions and materials provided.



FRIDA’S ALBUM – A colourful puppet show for all ages
Saturday 15th December, Wednesday 23rd January
All ages, Free
Location: Our Harbour Gallery, Pātaka

One day, when Frida Kahlo was six years old, she saw a door in the window of her bedroom and heard a little girl’s laughter. It is a story about Frida the child and the artist she will become.

Using a combination of pop-ups, shadows, marionettes and life sized puppets Anna Bailey brings Frida Kahlo’s marvelous world alive.

Commissioned by Te Manawa Museum in 2016.

Puppeteer: Anna Bailey Paper Engineer: Glenna Matcham-up



Cristopher Ramos Flores: Mexican music from Frida’s time.
15th December
Bottle Creek Gallery, Pātaka

In this presentation composer Cristopher Ramos Flores will introduce the audience to Mexican Nationalism, by exploring the Mexican visual identity that muralists such as Diego established and the parallel development of a Mexican sound identity through music.

Excerpts of folk and concert music will be presented in order to show what defines the musical sound of Frida’s Mexico.

Image: Left to right: Rosa Covarrubias (dancer), Carlos Chávez (composer) and Frida Kahlo (artist)

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