DARK HORIZONS – Abdul Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Khaled Sabsabi
27 August 2017 – 22 January 2018

Dark Horizons is a suite of three interconnected solo exhibitions by Abdul Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Khaled Sabsabi. Each of these artists presents an individual contemplation on migration and multiculturalism explored through sculpture, film, photography and painting. Through a process of personal introspection, the artists shed light on our own complicity in contributing to the economic, environmental and social conditions afflicting our international neighbours.

A public talk with the artists will be held on Sunday 27 August at 2.30pm.

IMAGE ABOVE: Abdul Abdullah For your own good 2016, oil, resin and enamel on linen, 1000mm x 1000mm
IMAGES BELOW (left to right): Khaled Sabsabi, We Kill You 2016 (installation detail), courtesy of the artist. Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, The Dogs (detail) 2017, courtesy of the artist.


Dark Horizons exhibition catalogue can be viewed here:

Dark Horizons catalogue

Dark Horizons exhibition text available in pdf downloadable format below.

Dark Horizons wall text


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