PATAKA EDUCATION Term 3 & 4, 2015
Kia ora koutou from Pataka. 

What a memorable year it has been commemorating the WWI centennial anniversary and celebrating Porirua being 50 years a city. Our programme continues to develop this theme further, with the idea of ‘peace’, by making connections between three exhibitions: Your Friend the Enemy, ANZAC and Peace in 10,000 Hands. Get into some contemporary art and colour explorations with our Magic of Colour programme or explore Porirua City with the exhibition Made in Porirua.

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Esmé, Linda and Margaret
Pātaka Education team

Term 3 & 4 2015

Explore the WWI commemoration and extend your school inquiry topic to encompass the idea of PEACE and human rights. We have a great combination of exhibitions working with these themes and our hands-on programme will include creating a PEACE installation in our courtyard garden and connecting stories from the trenches to art and symbolism.


11 September – 15 November 2015

LAURENCE ABERHART Dunrobin Edievale, Otago, 25 June 2012

IMAGE: Laurence Aberhart, Dunrobin-Edievale, Otago, 25 June 2012, silver gelatin, gold & selenium toned. Courtesy the artist

For over thirty years Laurence Aberhart has photographed WWI memorials in both New Zealand and Australia. This exhibition has a focus on single figure cenotaphs in both ANZAC countries.

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Peace in 10,000 Hands

27 September – 15 November 2015

Stu Robertson The Shadows Play copyright Peace in 10,000 Hands

IMAGE: Stuart Robertson, The Shadows Play © Peace in 10,000 Hands

New Zealand photographer Stuart Robertson is inspired by the belief that art has the power to challenge and raise our awareness on what peace means. His global photographic project takes the universal symbol of a white rose and he photographs people and personalities from around the world holding the rose.

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21 November 2015 – 7 February 2016

M Shepherd A brief history of Malone

IMAGE: Michael Shepherd, A brief history of Malone

Featuring artwork by 16 significant Australian and New Zealand contemporary artists who all have a family link to Gallipoli. The artworks were also inspired by a series of letters describing the relationship between the New Zealanders, Australians and Turkish soldiers and the exchange of jam and biscuits, tobacco and messages between the trenches in No Man’s Land. On one occasion this included a note in French from the Turkish soldiers, signing off ‘from your friend the enemy’.

Pre and Post Visit

    • FIND OUT what the symbols for Peace are from different cultures
    • FIND OUT how the Peace movement started
    • WRITE a class Peace song or create a peace garden
    • FIND OUT where the monuments are in your community and photograph them
    • CREATE a Peace wall in your classroom
    • TALK to people in your school community and find out what Peace means to them
    • MAKE a map of the world to see what issues are facing world peace

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Selected Works 2005 – 2015

27 September – 15 November 2015

Andre Hemer New Smart Object Plus #12 2015

IMAGE: André Hemer, New Smart Object Plus #12, 2015. Courtesy the artist and Bartley and Company Art

André Hemer’s artworks explore the idea of digital layers meeting the hand painted. We are all aware of the digital imagery making with layers, which can be achieved on the computer but there is also the use of physical painting or a painting as an object. Enjoy these works and take a journey exploring colour and mark-making. Create a colour wheel and enjoy mixing colours.

Pre and Post visit

  • MAKE a painting using no paint brushes
  • CREATE a painting that you have made listening to different types of music
  • CREATE a colour mood board
  • MIX some primary colours using du-kit or fymo and create a colour wheel bracelet
  • MIX some primary colours, and add white then give the colours some names and create your own colour chart
  • PAINT a colour wheel mixing secondary and tertiary colours
  • FIND OUT what analogous colours are, hues, tints and complimentary colours
  • CREATE a glossary of colour words
  • CUT OUT some colours samples from magazines and make a collage, see if you can mix the colours with paint


3 October 2015 – 7 February 2016

MIP coming to Pataka

IMAGE: Whittaker’s iconic Peanut Slab, 1975 Chrysler Valient VK courtesy Todd Motors, Ashley wallpaper courtesy of Aspiring Walls

Made in Porirua celebrates all things made here over the last 50 years since the city was born. With big names like Todd Motors, Whittakers, Aspiring Walls, Kodak, Bonds Hosiery and GEC (to name but a few), Made in Porirua will tell the stories of the businesses and people that have helped to make Porirua grow and flourish. What a great angle for a school inquiry about Porirua and how we have developed.

Pre and Post Visit

  • Interview someone from your school community who has lived in Porirua for 50 years or worked at a factory that is in Porirua
  • Make a time capsule that includes stories about living in Porirua now
  • Write a letter to the Mayor saying what you like about Porirua and what you would like to see in 50 years’ time.
  • Look at some early photographs of Porirua and analyse the changes that have happened
  • Make a list of all of the businesses and factories you know in Porirua
  • Create a future Porirua city predicting what it will be like here in 50 years’ time!


21 November 2015 – 7 February 2016

Sam Foley’s paintings depict forest and urban landscapes and include moving images in the works by combining painting and projections. The projections and paint combination creates the idea of change using light and textures.


27 November 2015 – 7 February 2016

Finish off the year with a hands-on art making experience with the Wallace Art Awards. Once again we are celebrating the best in contemporary New Zealand art with a competition and Trust which have been set up to support and promote the visual arts in New Zealand.

Term 1 2016

Start planning for a fantastic season of exhibitions that are a part of the New Zealand International Arts Festival. Look out for more information on our programmes and these exhibitions to use as a focus to kick start 2016.


BOB JAHNKE – ATA, the third edition

KELCY TARATOA – Privacy verses Patriotic Idealism



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