PATAKA EDUCATION – Term 2 & 3 2017
Kia ora koutou,

Nau mai ki te Pātaka. Set up your classroom  inquiry with a visit to Pātaka Education.  We will give your students the opportunity to respond to objects and artworks with a range of learning experiences.   Our  teacher trained education team will adapt a programme to suit all levels with hands-on learning and discovery at the heart of the experience.  We look forward to working with your students and sparking their desire to learn.

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pataka education team 2016
Margaret, Esmé and Linda
Pātaka Education team


TUATARA GALLERY – Patterns, shapes and symbols
Until late July 2017

shape and patterns in tuatara gallery
Tuatara Gallery. Photo by Mark Tantrum 2016

Explore the cultural significance of a variety of shapes and symbols with our new Tuatara gallery exhibition. The exhibition features art works from our collection including a Fijian Masi and a Cook Island tivaevae. Make the connection between maths and the visual arts with a hands-on programme and gallery activities.

BOUNDLESS – printmaking beyond the frame
20 May – 13 August 2017

In association with the Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand


Beth Charles All Wound Up 2017. Courtesy of the artist

Printmaking is usually perceived as work of two dimensions framed on a wall. The print derived works created for this exhibition extend into sculpture and installation works with unexpected materials including textiles, metals, ceramics and glass. Our programme will explore different printmaking techniques and extend into a hands-on printmaking workshop including mono and relief printing.

Pre and Post visit ideas
CREATE a carved eraser/rubber stamp and repeat the pattern to create a print
> FIND out what etching is
> MAKE a list of the different printmaking techniques including intaglio and etching
> MAKE a texture rubbing bank with different surfaces you can find in the classroom and playground
USE a stamp pad and find objects you can make a print from ie. Bottle tops, shells, thumbprints

20 May – 13 August 2017

Shane Tu’ihalangingie Get your mind right 2014. Courtesy of the artist

INFLUX is the eighth Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust exhibition of artworks made by students of Pacific Island heritage who are currently studying art at universities and technical institutes in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Artworks in the exhibition collectively reflect the strong sense of political agency that many students develop during their tertiary studies. Guest curator Ane Tonga states that the exhibition attempts to expand our locally-informed perception of the Pacific, to engage in ways of being and seeing that are much larger than Aotearoa New Zealand.


20 May – 13 August 2017

Kereama Taepa Whakapī 2017 (detail). Courtesy of the artist

Kereama Taepa’s exhibition of new work explores the iconic Te Ati Awa serpentine carving style. This exhibition of new work also speaks of another realm as he employs Virtual Reality and 3D Printing to investigate the adoption of digital technologies. Drawing from customary whakairo, Kereama constructs carved forms and explores a different type of terra nullius.

Pre and Post visit ideas
MAKE sketches of different whakairo designs and symbols using charcoal
> CREATE a clay or plasticine serpentine carving
> MAKE a display in your classroom showing the different whakairo styles in Aotearoa
> DISCUSS the possibilities of virtual reality technology for the future and how it can be used in the art world
> FIND out how 3D printing technology works


The Collections Education Programme 

Objects, taonga, family treasures or collections enable us to reflect on who we are, our identity, our culture, our values and our diversity. Create a programme with us based on collecting objects. Explore how we observe, select and collect, curate, categorise and present a collection. Use the Pātaka collection as an example of this and curate a school based exhibition of objects that reflect your students, school or community.

04 June – 27 August 2017

Meat grinder 1982.142, collection of Pātaka Art + Museum

Did you know Pātaka has a large collection of historic objects? Objects, be they grand or simple, are used by museums as touchstones to transmit and prompt ideas about important events and stories from a certain place and period of time.

We’re improving our storage rooms so we’re storing the collection in two of our galleries this June and July, and while we do that, visitors have a unique chance to see some of the interesting things we have.

From the most expensive taonga and heirlooms to the most modest everyday things, each object tells a story from the rich cultural history of Porirua city and its communities. This exhibition will show a wide-range of objects from Pātaka’s collection.

WAYNE YOULE – The hoe and hōiho
04 June – 13 August 2017

Wayne Youle The hoe and the hōiho 2017, courtesy of the artist and {SUITE} Gallery

As part of Pātaka’s collection store upgrade project, we’ve asked Titahi Bay-born artist Wayne Youle to create an installation that responds to our collection and highlights some of the objects he believes are significant to museum collecting and the history of Porirua.

Wayne’s art work will investigate and compare objects – looking at their physical properties like size, weight and material whilst also exploring the intangible side – their value, their stories and their significance. Wayne’s colourful and sometimes humorous art offers a new and exciting perspective on Pātaka’s collections.

Pre and Post visit ideas
DISCUSS some themes that you could work with to create a collections exhibition at your school
> BRING along your collection of objects, shells, stones, stamps, pokemon cards and create a catalogue for them
> LOOK at online collections, these may be digital images of objects, art works and taonga
> TAKE photographs of your collection and create a display in your classroom with the different categories for the objects – colour, origin, shape, materials
> ASK your families, parents, caregivers what they collected when they were school students, find out what was cool for kids to collect ie. Stamps, wheetbix cards





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