PATAKA EDUCATION Terms Two and Three 2014
Kia ora, Nga mihi o te Tau Hou ki a koutou katoa. Pataka Education would like to wish you all a very happy Maori New Year.

Kia ora koutou from the education team. In term two we are very excited to present our Matariki Wonderland: Whetu Whare is an interactive, glow-in-the-dark house of stars in the Tuatara Gallery. Our Matariki programme will explore storytelling with a hands-on collaborative art programme. Design elements, portraiture, still-life, neon sculpture, Maori and Tongan contemporary art and collage construction are all a part of the rich and vibrant programmes we can offer you and your students. You can provide your students with powerful opportunities for learning, inquiry and enjoyment with a visit to Pataka. At Pataka the learning opportunities we provide are grounded in culture. Please like Pataka Education on Facebook and keep updated with our programmes and happenings.

Term Two

23 June – 4 July 2014
Experience the wonders of Matariki with our hands on programme. We have a magical glow-in-the-dark Matariki space exploring the Seven Sisters. Help us with a collaborative artwork where you make a whetu and join us with an interactive hands-on programme.

Pre and Post Visit Activities:
• FIND OUT all of the names of the seven sisters of Pleiades in Maori
• PLANT some new seedlings somewhere at your school
• HAVE a shared lunch and share some stories at your school
• MAKE a starry sky with glow in the dark stickers that represents Matariki
• FIND OUT what other cultures call the star cluster Matariki
• MAKE taonga puoro instrument and create a musical composition that you can record that is about Matariki

13 April – 31 August 2014
Tongan Contemporary
Tonga Contemporary profiles the strength of Tongan artists currently creating work in New Zealand. Explore ideas around Tongan community’s connections to New Zealand, and the significance of second and third generation New Zealand-born Tongan people.
The participating artists include Sopolemalama Filipe Tohi, Julian Hopper, Dagmar Dyck, Greg Wolfgramm, Ane Tonga, Lucy Akaufolau and Ite Uhila among others.

Pre and Post Visit Activities:
• FIND OUT where Tonga is on the map
• CREATE a fact file on some of the artists included in the exhibition
• DISCUSS what second and third generation and New Zealand born Tongan’s means
• LEARN some Tongan language – greeting words, words for parents, New Zealand and saying thank you
• FIND OUT what are important celebrations for Tongans
• MAKE artworks using some of the techniques that the artists in Tonga ‘I Onopooni use

Term Two/Three

30 May – 21 September 2014
Fiona Pardington for web

Fiona Pardington is one of NZ’s most celebrated photographers with her work featuring in both national and international exhibitions and collections. This exhibition combines portraits and still-life traditions. Explore the idea of creating a narrative with this programme as we look at the wonderful wahine and their pukana/ expression in Pardington’s mythological portraits. Our programme includes making still-life constructions and looking closely at where photography meets a still-life vanitas painting.

Pre and Post Visit Activities:
• FIND OUT what pukana is
• CREATE a fact file about some Maori Goddess figures in Maori mythology
• MAKE a self-portrait using objects around you to tell a story
• FIND OUT what a vanitas is and who the Dutch still-life artists are
• MAKE a still-life set up with objects and create some symbolic meaning for the objects you have selected
• USE a camera to record your still-life set ups, use different coloured lights, torches to make some different effects
• DEVELOP a fact file on Fiona Pardington and the different types of work she makes

8 June – 24 August 2014

David Trubridge
David Trubridge is one of New Zealand’s most internationally celebrated designers, creating Pacific- inspired furniture, lighting and sculptures.
The exhibition So Far tells the story of Trubridge’s development as a designer over the last four decades by showcasing many of his most celebrated furniture and lighting design masterpieces. Let art and design meet mathematics as we make some constructions inspired by nature.

Pre and Post Visit Activities:
• DRAW a nikau palm or other NZ ferns
• CREATE a model of a nikau palm using wire and masking tape
• MAKE templates or patterns and create a lamp
• DRAW with a spirograph and make some repetitious drawings with symmetry and patterns
• CUT OUT pictures of lamps from magazines and critique the success of their design

30 May – 20 September 2014
Take a closer look at portraiture and the human condition with a selection of paintings by Seraphine Pick. Explore the feelings and ideas seen in the painting from the sitter’s perspective. Our programme will look at expressive styles of drawing and painting portraits with some narratives to go with the work.

Pre and Post Visit Activities:
• MAKE a diagram showing the proportions of the face
• USE carbon paper and trace a portrait of yourself from a photocopy
• DRESS UP with different props and take images of your classmates that tell a story
• CREATE an image bank of Seraphine Pick’s paintings
• USE watercolour paints to make monochromatic portrait sketches

Term Three

26 September 2014 – 8 February 2015

Maughan’s paintings show hyper-real views of lush gardens and narratives that usually involve a garden pathway somewhere. The thick brushstrokes of colour are like those of the Impressionists as Maughan works alla prima – wet into wet paint. Come and explore colour, composition and mosaic some of your own colourful gardens.

Pre and Post Visit Activities:
• MAKE a collage of pictures of gardens from magazines
• WRITE a story about a secret garden, who lives there and what they do?
• PLANT some flowers in a school garden and when they bloom make some drawings and paintings of them
• USE expressive painting and paint with bubble wrap, cloth and sponges to make marks like flower textures
• MAKE flowers out of tissues and create a garden installation in your class or school library, you could add a gate somewhere
• CREATE a garden plan, decide what flowers and colours you will have in your garden – you could even name your garden and give it a theme

31 August – 30 November 2014
Peter Madden is a collage artist who constructs and creates new fantastical worlds that are full of details and symbols. His images come from books, national geographic magazines and encyclopaedia that he cuts, slices and assembles. This exhibition is a celebration of 10 years of his practise. Come and be collage artists and create some collaborative worlds with us.

Pre and Post Visit Activities:
• DECIDE on a theme for a world you would like to create
• MAKE a collage of the world using pictures from magazines and old books
• CREATE three dimensional collages on shoes, chair or books
• WORK with scale in your pictures, make them go from large scale that is closer to you and then smaller, to make the objects feel like they are further away
• RESEARCH the word collage and find out where it was first used in history

31 August – 16 November 2014

This exhibition combines glass blowing with sculptural construction and techniques. Referencing retro neon signage, Nash explores single and double electrode neon technology. Do some drawing with glow in the dark pens and see if we can make our works glow.