GIFTED – Cash & Carry

8 Dec 2016 – 22 Jan 2017

Find that special gift for family and friends from our talented artists.

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Lorraine Rastorfer Gusto 2015 (detail)


9 Dec 2016 – 22 Jan 2017

Lorraine Rastorfer employs fluid gesture and viscous movement in her painting; patterns are developed, rhythms are composed and passages curve, twist and turn.

Future Exhibitions
nz tree project

New Zealand Tree Project

16 Dec 2016 – 26 Jan 2017

The New Zealand Tree Project is a blend of adventure, history, conservation and art. A team of photographers, climbers and scientists spent many hours in the boughs of giant rimu and kahikatea trees to capture the wonder of the forest from new perspectives.

Future Exhibitions

BEVERLY RHODES: Dancing in the Dark

27 Jan – 26 Feb 2017

Dancing in the Dark is a continuation of Beverly Rhodes’ recent body of work Dancing to Remember, Dancing to Forget in which a solitary dancer, not young and not expert, performs alone in an uncluttered room.

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27 Jan – 26 Feb 2017

Fafine Niutao i Aotearoa is a collective of Tuvalu women from Niutao Island, based in New Zealand. They work together producing Kolose: Tuvaluan crochet, which take form in tops, dresses, petticoats and are distinctive features on wall hangings. Kolose illustrates the adoption and continual development of art practices whilst highlighting the supporting structure of women as knowledge holders. Often gifted, the brightly coloured and free-styled patterns of Kolose portray the love for one’s community, culture and island.

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