Marvellous Mosaic 1 Cropped

Marvellous Mosaic National Art Exhibition 2015

11 September – 18 October 2015

The Bottle Creek Gallery will host the fourth national mosaic art exhibition between 11 September and 18 October. Building on the success of the third national exhibition at Pataka in 2013, this exhibition will feature an even more diverse range of vibrant mosaic works from professional and emerging mosaic artists across New Zealand.

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LAURENCE ABERHART Dunrobin Edievale, Otago, 25 June 2012 web

Laurence Aberhart – ANZAC

11 September – 15 November 2015

Laurence Aberhart ANZAC brings together an extensive series of images of WWI Memorials the artist has been working on for over thirty years.

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Andre Hemer Big Node #9 2015 web

Andre Hemer

27 September – 15 November 2015

Andre Hemer’s exploration of painting in the digital age has seen him travel from Canterbury University to the cover of an international contemporary art book in a decade.

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Stu Robertson The Shadows Play copyright Peace in 10,000 Hands web

Stu Robertson – Peace in 10,000 hands

27 September – 15 November 2015

New Zealand photographer Stuart Robertson created Peace in 10,000 Hands as a global project to challenge and reinvigorate the international conversation for peace.

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