Friends of Pataka Arts Award 2016

Pātaka Friends Art Awards 2016

25 Aug – 26 Sep 2016

Pataka is pleased to announce the Arts Award, organised by our amazing Friends. A fantastic array of works have poured in from all around the Porirua region, showcasing the cream of Porirua’s creative talent.

Current Exhibitions
Gerda Leenards History speaks here of dark shapes of green_2016

Gerda Leenards – Tree-scapes: reminiscences

26 Aug – 25 Sep 2016

Expressionist in nature, Leenards works are atmospheric, evocative impressions of the environment. Her attraction to expressing the ‘inner qualities’ of the land stems from an affinity with the traditional Romantic Landscape notion of the sublime and her concern with the cycle of land occupation, violation and reclamation by human hands.

Current Exhibitions

John Walsh Matakite

19 Jun – 18 Sep 2016

The exhibition Matakite will bring together the most outstanding large scale landscape paintings Walsh has produced over the last two decades, including Act 1, Scene 1, 2012 – a mystical panorama measuring 2 by over 5 metres.

Current Exhibitions
GabbyOConnor_Fugitive Ice_2015

Gabby O’Connor – Studio Antarctica
19 June – 18 Sept 2016

Gabby O’Connor’s Studio Antarctica – Fugitive Ice installation is the result of a creative collaboration between contemporary fine art and cutting edge scientific research. In 2015 O’Connor spent several weeks in Antarctica working in a shipping container laboratory on sea ice 4 metres thick over 500 metre deep McMurdo Sound.

Current Exhibitions
Dennis Beytagh_New Zealand_1960_1012 x 630mm_Lithograph_Tourist Department_detail

Selling the Dream

19 June – 18 Sep 2016

Selling the Dream – Classic New Zealand Tourism Posters is a retro exhibition of more than 50 classic art posters that promote New Zealand as an idyllic visitor destination of outstanding natural beauty and adventure. Made from the 1920s – 1960s, before high-quality colour photography and automated large-scale printing, these beautiful, clever and carefully-crafted posters were pivotal in developing New Zealand’s tourism industry and the country’s national identity.

Current Exhibitions