Luke Kelly Dazzle Lines_1

LUKE KELLY: Migration

30 Sep – 29 Oct 2016

Kapiti based artist-designer Luke Kelly uses nautical and aeronautical materials to create wall-hung and freestanding sculptures that celebrate voyaging histories common to all New Zealanders.

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30 Sep – 6 Nov 2016

An exhibition of recent works from the club members, featuring work by Guest Potter and selector Pamela Annsouth. The Gear Homestead Woolshed Potters have been part of the Porirua Community for 35 years.

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Bridget Reweti Kite detail

Bridget Reweti – Tauutuutu

27 Aug – 27 Nov 2016

Dance moves, violin scales, guitar chords, drawings, cyanotypes, vocal lessons, netball stretches, 3D portrait sittings, phone numbers, readings, leather poi, beaded medicine bags, and songs from musicals. These are the objects, practices and knowledge systems I exchanged with ten Indigenous artists during an Indigenous Visual and Digital Arts Residency at The Banff Art Centre, Canada.

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Jo Mclean Rabbits


22 Sep – 30 Oct 2016

The artists in this exhibition have created works in response to Spring in a rich variety of materials and approaches. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, each artist has attempted to capture something of the optimism and vitality that characterises this time of year; a time of new growth, vibrant blossoms, baby animals and hope.

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Sonny Assu_Re-invaders_2014_(detail)

If we never met…

9 Oct 2016 – 12 Feb 2017

If we never met brings together a series leading and emerging First Nation Canadian artists and performers for their first exhibition in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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