Jacqui Colley, IN SITU 4 (detail)

Jacqui Colley – IN SITU

21 Jan– 14 Feb 2016

Jacqui Colley’s In Situ consists of paintings, etchings and work on ply. This body of work deals to central themes on the subjectivity of existence and the abstract experience of place.

Current Exhibitions
Arimbi & Dewanigrum, noble characters of wayang kulit performance. Photo by John Casey, Silver Image Photography_1

ShadowPlay – wayang kulit shadow puppets of Indonesia

5 Feb – 13 March 2016

An extensive set of wayang kulit / shadow puppets has been in New Zealand for over forty years, together with an antique gamelan music ensemble known as ‘The First Smile’ from Cirebon in West Java

Current Exhibitions