GIFTED – Cash & Carry

8 Dec 2016 – 22 Jan 2017

Find that special gift for family and friends from our talented artists.

Current Exhibitions
Lorraine Rastorfer Gusto 2015 (detail)


9 Dec 2016 – 22 Jan 2017

Lorraine Rastorfer employs fluid gesture and viscous movement in her painting; patterns are developed, rhythms are composed and passages curve, twist and turn.

Current Exhibitions
nz tree project

New Zealand Tree Project

16 Dec 2016 – 26 Jan 2017

The New Zealand Tree Project is a blend of adventure, history, conservation and art. A team of photographers, climbers and scientists spent many hours in the boughs of giant rimu and kahikatea trees to capture the wonder of the forest from new perspectives.

Current Exhibitions
Sonny Assu_Re-invaders_2014_(detail)

If we never met…

9 Oct 2016 – 12 Feb 2017

If we never met brings together a series leading and emerging First Nation Canadian artists and performers for their first exhibition in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Current Exhibitions
Wi Taepa Retrospect (detail)

WI TAEPA: Retrospect

9 Oct 2016 – 12 Feb 2017

Wi Taepa is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading ceramic artists. This exhibition brings together a collection of major series of works made over the past 30 years. The exhibition tracks his progression from working with clay as a creative and meditative tool for wayward youth, through to the international influences of his later career.

Current Exhibitions