Toi Art Club at Pataka:
Pataka Education classroom

Tues & Thurs during term time

After school art classes for children.

Future Events
Migrating Kitchen at Pataka

Migrating Kitchen Trust’s Talk & Taste series

15/17 Nov, 6/8 Dec 2014

The Migrating Kitchen Trust is running Talk & Taste at Pataka Museum. Food is the entree, the common ingredient. Every culture has rituals and practices round sharing food and this series takes the visitors on an historical, cultural and culinary journey. Please join us!

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Makea, King of Rarotonga, a watercolour ca.1830s the digital collection of the Australian National Library (detail)

Book launch and lecture
27 Nov 2104, 6pm

Launch of the book
Southern Cook Islands Customary Law, History and Society Vols 1 – 3

EVENTS, Future Events
Che Thorp Oaks 2 (detail)

Che Thorpe – Artist workshop

Sat 6 Dec, 11am-4pm

Che Thorpe is a young sculptor from Gisborne. Most recently he has been working as a Digital Modeller/Sculptor in the TV industry in Wellington. He likes to work in both digital and physical media and enjoys the benefits of both. He delights in finding forms and adding life to organic objects, such as driftwood and seaweed.

Future Events