Kerry Ann Lee, Big City Rising, 2013

Artists’ Forum – Imagine Asia

Sunday 22 February, 2.40pm

As a part of the IMAGINE ASIA exhibition opening, join us and four of the featured artists (Ben Buchanan, Kerry Ann Lee, Tiffany Singh and Erica van Zon) for a forum on how they have responded to their Asian immersion, and how their residency time has affected their subsequent practice.

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tivaevae2stitch NEW

TAKU IPUKAREA – Tivaevae making demonstration

Sat 21 February 2014, 2-4pm

Learn about the art of Tivaevae through a hands-on demonstration by leading Tivaevae artists/makers.

Past Events

Chen XiYao – Chinese zither performance

19 Feb 2015, 1-2pm FREE

Chen XiYao (pronounced Chun She Yow) born 1984, is a Chinese-born classical musician. He is an award-winning guzheng (Chinese zither) player. He currently lives in New Zealand.

Past Events
We DIG your garden

We Dig Your Garden – Competition

10 Dec 2014 – 8 Feb 2015

To help celebrate Karl Maughan’s fabulous exhibition A Clear Day, we’re inviting people to share their garden creations with the community of Porirua and the world. Send us a photo of your garden (in the Wellington region) and Karl will choose the best

Past Events
festival of the elements 2015 fp

Robin White/Sam Hunt/Gary McCormick – Floor Talks

Fri 6 Feb, 12.30/1/2pm

Robin White, Gary McCormick and Sam Hunt work their magic at Pataka as part of the Festival of the Elements 2015.

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