A big thanks to Niki Hastings-McFall for her beautiful lei installation in Pataka’s spine (completed on Waitangi Day), which is being enjoyed by the public and Pataka staff alike. Niki was the first artist selected for the ‘Friends of Pataka 2013 Artist Residency,’ which coincided with the opening of her exhibition In flyte, on until 16 June 2013. It gave Niki the chance to complete a new work within the gallery and interact with the public, while constructing her lei installation for Pataka’s spine area.

Niki's-Lei-installation-at-Pataka_view-2 Niki's-Lei-installation-at-Pataka_view-1 Niki's-Lei-installation-at-Pataka_view-6 Niki's-Lei-installation-at-Pataka_view-5

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